Master in Chemistry (MSc in Chemistry) – 300 ECTS





I semester

Research Methodology in Chemistry (2C16HEM001)

Measurement Data Processing (2C16HEM002)

Elective 1

Elective 2

Elective 3

Elective 4


II semester

Study and research – Seminary work

Study and research – Master thesis

Elective courses

Environmental Samples Analysis (2C16HEM003)

Chemical Contaminants of Food and Water (2C16HEM004)

Chemical Analysis of Food (2C16HEM005)

Chromatographic Methods (2C16HEM006)

Sampling and Sample Preparation for Chemical Analysis (2C16HEM007)

Synthesis and Characterization of Polymers (2C16HEM008)

Organic Synthesis (2C16HEM009)

Organic Geochemistry (2C16HEM010)

Applied Organic Chemistry (2C16HEM011)

Modern Structural Methods (2C16HEM012)

Computational Chemistry (2C16HEM013)

Organic Chemistry Didactics (2C16HEM014)

Multimedia Resources for Teaching Chemistry (2C16HEM015)

Selected Topics of Physical Chemistry (2C16HEM016)

Selected Topics of Instrumental Methods (2C16HEM017)

Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis (2C16HEM018)

Colloidal Chemistry (2C16HEM019)

Photochemistry (2C16HEM020)

Inorganic Synthesis (2C16HEM021)

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (2C16HEM022)

Solid State Chemistry (2C16HEM023)

Coordination Chemistry (2C16HEM024)

Mechanisms of Inorganic Reactions (2C16HEM025)

Practical Chemistry in School (2C16HEM026)

Experimental Biochemistry (2C16HEM027)

Biochemistry of Free Radicals (2C16HEM028)

Biochemical Toxicology (2C16HEM029)

Enzyme Kinetics (2C16HEM030)

Nanochemistry (2C16HEM031)

Contemporary Materials (2C16HEM032)

Standards and Standardization (2C16HEM033)

Surface Active Substances (2C16HEM034)

Alternative Fuels and Lubricants (2C16HEM035)