Studies of Chemistry at our Faculty are organised according to the 4+1+3 model. This model implies that the first cycle of studies takes eight semesters or four years. The number of ECTS credits per year is 60, which is in summary 240 ECTS credits upon completion of undergraduate studies. Undergraduate chemistry programs consist of mandatory and elective courses providing the necessary knowledge and skills for obtaining a first cycle degree diploma. Studies at the Chemistry Department are organised within two  programs: Chemistry and Chemistry Education.

During the first two years of study, courses are the same for both programs, while in third- and fourth-year programs differ significantly. The first cycle of studies at the Chemistry Department contains 39 subjects, 31 mandatory and 8 elective. For each elective subject, two courses are offered, and students can choose one, respectively.

After completing the first cycle of studies at the Chemistry Department, students acquire the following academic title:

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry – 240 ECTS, for the students of the Chemistry program and 

Graduate teacher of chemistry – 240 ECTS, for the students of the Chemistry Education program.

After completing the first cycle of studies, the student acquires the opportunity to attend the second cycle – Master in Chemistry program.The second cycle of chemistry studies was launched in academic 2016/17 year and follows a modern curriculum, related to the latest achievements in chemistry. This cycle allows students to choose four out of six subjects, in cooperation with a supervisor. Candidates who have completed the first cycle and obtained 240 ECTS credits fulfil the conditions to attend the second one. Students from other faculties and related study programs can enroll in master studies in chemistry, and depending on the degree of matching, after the equivalence has been completed, direct inclusion in classes or taking certain supplementary exams is suggested. Master studies in chemistry last two semesters and the student earns 60 ECTS credits. 

After completing the second cycle of chemistry studies, students acquire the following academic title: 

Master in Chemistry300 ECTS

After completing the first and second cycles, the student achieves in total 300 ECTS credits and acquires the right to enroll in the PhD Studies in Chemistry. The third cycle of studies lasts six semesters, of three years, and students in this cycle can earn 180 ECTS credits. After completing the first, second and third cycles, the student achieves 480 ECTS credits in total and obtains the title:

Doctor of Chemical Sciences – 480 ECTS

The purpose of PhD Studies in Chemistry is to train students for the development and application of scientific and professional achievements in the chemical sciences, as well as for advanced experimental research in the field of chemistry.