Chemistry is a fundamental natural science that deals with the structure and changes of a substance and it has been deeply involved in all fields of modern human activity. The Chemistry Department educates highly professional individuals in the field of chemistry, experts competent to work in research laboratories in the field of chemistry and other related sciences. The innovative curricula are designed to enable students to acquire both fundamental and disciplinary knowledge following accepted European norms, and the basics of specific knowledge in the most current fields of chemistry such as synthesis and characterization of new inorganic and organic compounds, increasing energy efficiency, analytics, and environmental chemistry. Also, the Chemistry Department educates chemistry teachers trained to work in primary and secondary schools who, in addition to chemical, acquire knowledge in the field of chemistry education. After completing their studies, our graduates find employment in industry, schools, institutes, and other institutions where professional knowledge, advices, and recommendations in the field of chemistry are required. In four years of first-cycle studies, chemistry students are enabled to study according to a modern educational program with an emphasis on the acquisition of fundamental knowledge, but also the latest scientific and applied achievements in the field of chemistry and related sciences. In addition to professional knowledge, special attention is paid to the development of critical thinking, the adoption of problem-solving methodologies and the use of the most modern information technologies in the process of learning and presenting the acquired knowledge.